Badziakouski Wins The Main Event For 5.2m


It’s not the simplest name. Yesterday evening I asked him at least six times for the right pronunciation of the name. I murdered it every moment. Because Mikita Badziouski is proving himself to be the winner but we’d better get accustomed to it. 2.5m prize at the Triton Poker Series Montenegro Main Event. 10.5m playing slotted in 2018, and just Justin Bonomo has won . And I’ve heard he is a dab hand at the high stakes cash games. And he played with every single Short-Deck event. The guy is a system. Let’s see the way he took down it. You know that it’s definitely going to be a day if you pick the Cowboys up in exactly the identical time somebody is fondling the women.

That’s what occurred when Sergio Aido held QQ, also Badziakouski held KK, just to a master on the flop to slow the Belarusian’s stream sufficient allowing Aido to escape the hands with nominal harm inflicted. When Chan Wei Leong delivered a sucker punch, badziakouski was in total command. Badziakouski maintained the rockets, also Chan got brief enough to receive it with pocket tens of thousands, and qqpoker also a couple on the flop gave Chan that the double-up and hauled Badziakouski down a peg or 2. As did Aido holding AJhh Richard Yong increased with KdQd, Badziakouski called with Adah. Next to behave was Chan, who dared into 450,000 holding KK, also just Badziakouski called. Chan wager 475,000; Badziakouski is known as. Chan proceeded all-around for 1,205,000, also Badziakouski went deep prior to appearing with the telephone using ace-high along with the draw.

The river has been that the 4s, and Badziakouski and Chan exchanged stains from the processor counts. At the time you believed Badziakouski had dismissed it. Aido predicted with AQo in place, Sam Greenwood predicted from the tiny blind, and also Jason Koon squeezed together with AKo from the massive blind to 300,000. moved for 1,375,000, Greenwood walked Koon called five community cards he had been luring the chips of Aido in his own bosom. Greenwood Koon three-bet into 385,000 from the cutoff, started to 125,000 and also Badziakouski four-bet into 645,000. Greenwood folded, also Koon made the telephone.

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